Lending Experience is More Important than Ever

March 24th, 2011

Lending Experience is More Important than Ever

Lending experience is essential in smoothly getting clients through the home financing process. Today’s more stringent lending environment requires expertise and willingness to research and find solutions for borrowers. Axiom has the products and the expertise – in our mortgage consultants and our underwriters. If there’s a solution to your lending needs, we’ll find it.

Rates are Low!

As we’ve seen before, challenging times tend to create unique ideas for new products and services. Borrowers still have the opportunity to grab incredibly low rates, while having options they have never had before.

Available for Qualified Borrowers at Axiom Financial

  • Some private mortgage insurance (PMI) options* offer upfront, monthly or lump sum premiums. We offer an option that allows the home-seller to pay a lump sum premium on a buyer’s behalf.
  • A 3% down payment doesn’t always mean FHA financing. We have a conventional 3% down option for qualified buyers with great credit scores who want to eliminate their MI early.
  • New programs are available to help homeowners take advantage of the lower home purchase prices while selling their home.

These are just a few options available for home-buyers or -sellers who may need the experience your Axiom Mortgage Consultant can offer.


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