Moving Timeline

December 13th, 2011

When preparing to move, it helps to have a timeline to stay on track and prevent forgetting important details. An organized move is a lot less stressful than an unplanned move. This timeline can be adapted to your own needs, but most of it is applicable to all moves.

Two Months Before the Move
1) Start using up items you can’t or do not want to move, like freezer items, extra cleaners, and canned goods.
2) Start a move file to keep track of expenses and receipts, if you do deductions.
3) Start looking for a doctor and dentist in your new area, so if someone has medical needs around move time, you know where to go.
4) Weed out! Get rid of everything you do not use, need, or want anymore. The less stuff you have, the easier your move.
5) Start a list of businesses, banks, etc. that will need to be notified of your move.
6) Start collecting boxes, packing tape, and make sure you have a couple sharpies to identify what you’ve packed.
7) If you have any memberships, like a gym membership, find out about how to terminate or transfer your membership for a move.

Two Weeks Before the Move
1) Perhaps the most important thing for this part of the timeline is to setup the transfer of all your utilities: gas, electricity, cable, internet, phone, and water/sewer/trash.
2) If you haven’t already, start packing! Pack in an organized fashion, starting with things you do not need for a while. Clearly identify what is in each box and what room it needs to go to, in the new house.
3) File a change of address with the USPS.
4) It’s time to cancel or transfer your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
5) Get rid of flammable and toxic substances before the move.
6) Get your car tuned up. You don’t want a breakdown on moving day.
7) Finally, confirm your reservation of the moving truck and or moving team.

One Week Before the Move
1) As you continue packing, keep out items you will need for moving day, like some easy-prep food, cleaning supplies for the new house, some dishes, your laptop, etc.
2) Have you picked up your dry cleaning? Did you return your library books? Have you paid off your late fees at the movie rental store? Tie up all of these loose ends.
3) Use up those refrigerator items. The day before the move, clean it out and defrost it.
4) Make sure lawn mowers, grills, and other such equipment are emptied of fuel.
5) Empty all closets, the attic, the basement, storage rooms, drawers, and cupboards.

The Day of the Move
1) If you hired a mover, make sure you inventory your furniture and go over the condition of items with the mover.
2) You will need the moving truck driver’s name and cell number and he will need yours.
3) If you are renting your own moving truck, make sure you park it safely, for loading.
4) Make sure that the items you need kept out have been put somewhere like the car, where they won’t accidentally be grabbed and put with everything else.
5) Keep track of your keys and cell phone!
6) Call your bank or go online to change your address.
7) After it is all moved out, shut off the lights and thermostat, and double check that all the rooms are empty and that all the windows and doors are locked.
8) Good luck with your move!


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