Checklist for Moving Into a New Home

December 20th, 2011

Imagine yourself arriving at your new home and turning the key. You open up the doors and excitedly go through the empty rooms to picture how it’s all going to be. Then, you start moving in all the boxes and furniture. Someone wants a drink of water. Oops, you don’t know where the cups are.

Someone needs to use the restroom and asks you for some toilet paper. Where is it? And you need to bring your laptop to work tomorrow but you don’t know which box it’s in. The excitement of moving in can quickly be spoiled by poor planning. Having a checklist for moving day will make it all go so much more smoothly. Start with the essentials.

#1) Food and water: Make sure you have cups handy and, if the city water is gross, a Brita pitcher as well. Bring some shelf stable foods like jerky, crackers, bread, dried fruit, peanut butter, and such to keep your family and moving crew going. Don’t forget plates, napkins, and utensils. And be sure to stock the fridge with some of the basics like lunch meat, jam, milk, fresh fruit, and yogurt.

#2) The imperative items: Know where your keys, cell phones, and money are at all times. Do you need something for work the next day, like a laptop or briefcase? Bring flashlights and light bulbs and, of course, toilet paper and soap.

#3) Instead of packing your basic cleaning supplies in a box, put them in a basket instead so you can quickly take care of the messes that unfortunately got left behind by the prior occupants. Nothing spoils a moving day faster than a gross toilet or the discovery of mouse droppings.

#4) At the end of moving day, there is one thing you will all agree you want to do- sleep! Make sure that beds are the first thing to be set up, after the fridge, and also be sure to keep your bedding from getting lost in the dozens of boxes you pack. Keep bedding, like the cleaning supplies, in a basket. Or bring them in the car, instead of the moving truck, so you can make your family comfortable for the first night in the new house.

#5) Finally, be sure that each individual has their personal toiletries and medications in a special and easy to find place. Ask everyone to pack a bag with jammies, night-time necessities, and other personal items that they will need on moving day or the next morning. Following these guidelines can make moving day a lot less stressful than it otherwise could be.


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