That Moment You Know You’ve Outgrown Your Home

April 9th, 2014

That Moment You Know You’ve Outgrown Your Home

The road leading up to the decision to upgrade to a larger home is one littered with subtle hints and defining moments. These moments accumulate into a big picture that lets you know you’ve outgrown your home.

Pain in the Multi-Purpose Room

It’s that moment when you’re crossing the space serving as your living room, family room, play room, and home office in the middle of the night, so you can get a drink of water in your galley kitchen, and you step on one of several Legos strewn across the floor, yelling out in excruciating pain, and waking up everyone in the house, because they’re all no more than 20 feet from you, that you know you’ve outgrown your home. This is the moment where you’d give anything for the kids to have a playroom.

A No-Car Garage

It’s that moment when you’ve just slid sideways through a path between sports equipment and storage bins in the garage, and you find your car in the driveway blanketed in a peaceful layer of ice and snow that you will be furiously scraping off as chunks of snow slide down the sleeves of your parka, that you know you’ve outgrown your home. A little extra storage could go a long way towards making room for your car in the garage.

Attack of the Killer Hobbies

It’s that moment when you’re clearing off the kitchen table of your latest craft project, even though it’s only halfway done, so you can make room to serve dinner, as your kids beg you for the 100th time for a dog that you don’t have a backyard for, that you know you’ve outgrown your home. Projects of all kinds will go much more smoothly if you have a designated area for completing them.

No Room at the Inn

It’s that moment when your guest, who is sleeping peacefully on your couch, is suddenly awakened by the neighbor’s dog barking at the garbage man who is making his 5:30 am rounds, that you know you’ve outgrown your home. A home with no common walls and a guest room sounds heavenly at times like these.

All-Out War

It’s that moment when you’re kids burst into your room, screaming for you to settle an argument about exactly where the row of socks separating each side of their shared bedroom should be placed, waking up the baby who is still sleeping in a playpen in the corner, that you know you’ve outgrown your home. As your family grows and your kids get older, providing them with their own privacy and space can help to keep the peace.

The need for a home office, extra storage, new community opportunities, a washer and dryer in your home, or just the desire to try something new, combined with any one of these defining moments can work together to let you know when you’ve outgrown your home. If that’s the case, the solution to your problems may be lying right around the corner, in your new dream home.


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