Safety Tips for Selling Your House

May 2nd, 2015

Safety Tips for Selling Your House

Preparing a home to sell is a lengthy process when it comes to remodeling work and cleaning, but when all this is said and done, you must not forget about the last-minute touches that help keep you and your home secure as you prepare to sell. And if you are considering an open house, here are a few tips to keep in mind for protecting you and your family.

Hide your valuables

The category of “valuable items” likely includes quite a few more things than you originally imagined, so it’s important to be thorough when removing your valuables from their typical locations and storing them in a safe place. Valuable items include precious jewelry, cash, electronics, fine furs, firearms, extra keys, and important documents such as your passport, social security card, and financial statements. Not only will this protect your valuables from being stolen, but it will also reduce the possibility of you becoming the victim of identity fraud due to important documents and information finding its way into the wrong hands.

Stow alcohol and prescription drugs

These are household items that you definitely do not want stolen and finding their way into the wrong hands. Consider locking these in a cabinet out of sight to prevent curious hands from swiping them.

Remove your calendar

A family calendar on display in the kitchen is likely filled with details about upcoming family outings and vacations—vital information to someone who might take advantage of your absence to break into the home, or who might take advantage of knowing where you will be. Help keep your family safe and out of harm by removing your calendar from the scene before open house visitors, or anyone viewing your home during the sale process, enters your home.

Remove your family photos

As an added security measure for your family, be sure to also remove family photos from your home, and don’t forget about name-personalized items such as signs or towels, either. As a bonus, this also gives visiting families an opportunity to envision themselves and their possessions in the home as they walk through it.

Don’t forget about pets

Don’t forget to remove your pets from the home and to take them to another location for the duration of the open house or any home previews—this will prevent any tension-filled encounters between your pets and unwanted visitors.

Ask your realtor to have a partner present

A realtor needs to be able to show the house to prospective buyers, and since you will likely not be present when your home is shown, having someone present who can mind the door while other visitors are on tours can help keep things more secure. You can also alert your neighbors so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity as well.


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