December, 2011

  • Closing Paperwork 101

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    Homebuyers often joke that they feel like they are signing their lives away when going through the stacks of paperwork at closing. Knowing ahead of time what to expect can take some of the confusion out of the process. Here is a list of the paperwork you will encounter at closing:

    #1) The Deed is a document that signifies ownership of the property. The deed is prepared by a lawyer.

    #2) Also related to ownership, the title company performs a title search, to look for judgments, liens or attachments to the home title. The title company provides a title insurance policy and certificate of title. Continue reading “Closing Paperwork 101” »

  • Checklist for Moving Into a New Home

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    Imagine yourself arriving at your new home and turning the key. You open up the doors and excitedly go through the empty rooms to picture how it’s all going to be. Then, you start moving in all the boxes and furniture. Someone wants a drink of water. Oops, you don’t know where the cups are.

    Someone needs to use the restroom and asks you for some toilet paper. Where is it? And you need to bring your laptop to work tomorrow but you don’t know which box it’s in. The excitement of moving in can quickly be spoiled by poor planning. Having a checklist for moving day will make it all go so much more smoothly. Start with the essentials. Continue reading “Checklist for Moving Into a New Home” »

  • Best Companies to Work For

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    SALT LAKE CITY (Dec. 15, 2011) — Axiom Financial, a local full-service mortgage company, has been named one of Utah’s Best Companies to Work For in 2011 by Utah Business Magazine. Utah Business Magazine, along with sponsors Durham Jones & Pinegar and Mindshare, are recognizing 25 companies for the award this year.

    “It is our mission to create an unparalleled workplace with the best people, and truly make a difference in the lives of our team members,” Axiom president and CEO Melissa Wright said. “My leadership team and I work hard to create an environment that supports our employees in exceeding their goals and leading extraordinary lives. I can’t think of a better recognition than Best Companies to Work For, we are thrilled to be recognized.” Continue reading “Best Companies to Work For” »

  • Moving Timeline

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    When preparing to move, it helps to have a timeline to stay on track and prevent forgetting important details. An organized move is a lot less stressful than an unplanned move. This timeline can be adapted to your own needs, but most of it is applicable to all moves.

    Two Months Before the Move
    1) Start using up items you can’t or do not want to move, like freezer items, extra cleaners, and canned goods.
    2) Start a move file to keep track of expenses and receipts, if you do deductions.
    3) Start looking for a doctor and dentist in your new area, so if someone has medical needs around move time, you know where to go. Continue reading “Moving Timeline” »

  • Axiom Recognized for Giving Back

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    Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of our community and our employees. “Axiom is a benefactor of all sorts of causes, including Primary Children’s Medical Center, the Coldwell Banker Foundation, the Utah Food Bank, the Road Home Shelter, the Ronald McDonald House and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.” The Deseret News recognized Axiom for being a company that gives back in this recent article. This Holiday season we hope you will join us in giving back to the community and those in need.

  • Six Things to Look for in a New Home

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    Shopping for a new home is an exciting time. Emotions like anxiety, anticipation, pleasure, and frustration all seem to work together to create a jumble of feelings surrounding home buying. A lot has to do with expectations of home buying based on prior home-buying experiences, or the lack thereof. Having a list of important things to look for when home shopping can help reduce some of the anxiety and prevent some of the frustration that can occur when looking for a new home.

    #1) Detail Awareness: While house hunting, emotions can cloud a person’s judgment and memory. Spending the walkthrough just imagining living in a new place can prevent an individual from paying attention to important details.  Continue reading “Six Things to Look for in a New Home” »

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